Assistance in Applying for the NDIS in Newcastle and the Central Coast

If you are not yet receiving any disability support and would like assistance in doing so, we can help. Please contact the team at Professional Care Support in Newcastle and the Central Coast.

Speciality Programs

We offer Speciality Programs for Young Adults on the Autism Spectrum, including Peer Programs.

16 Weeks

This is a comprehensive course run over 16 weeks.

Course Activities

The course includes Sensory Activities, Movement and Rhythm, Theatre, Social Skills Support, and Art and Music Therapy.

General Living Skills

The course also includes general living skills to support independence for young people on the Autism Spectrum.

Core Support

We provide 1:1 support for participants with funding under ‘Core Support’ in your NDIS plan. This funding can be used for a support worker to assist you in a range of areas such as:

  • Assistance with Daily Self-Care
  • Assistance to Access the Community
  • Support in Developing Independent Living Skills
  • Developmental Life Skills 
  • Education and Vocational Skills Development 
  • Budgeting and Financial Skills 
  • Assistance with Cleaning 
  • Assistance with Lawn and Yard Maintenance
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Employment Opportunities

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Specialty Programs

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Increase Social and Community Participation and Improved Daily Living

We provide 1:1 support for participants with funding under the ‘Increase Social and Community Participation’ or the ‘Improved Daily Living’ section of your NDIS plan. This includes:

  • Travel Training
  • Budgeting and Financial Skills Development 
  • Daily Planning Assistance 
  • Support attending Medical Appointments 
  • Shopping and Budgeting Support 
  • Meal Planning and Preparation

Coordination of Supports and “Bringing Your Plan to Life”

Professional Care Support helps you to get the most out of your NDIS plan, while ensuring the services you choose are delivered to your needs, expectations and goals. We help to “Bring your NDIS Plan to Life!”, with access to the support and services that are important to you. We monitor progress towards your goals to assist you in future NDIS planning meetings, and assist you in managing the financial aspects of your NDIS plan.

Positive Behaviour Support

We can help you learn new ways to effectively manage your emotions, so you can feel more confident, independent and in control of your life.

Lawn and Garden Maintenance

Customer Testimonials

“Before Professional Care took over the care of my plan I felt I was being treated like a second class citizen. Decisions were made without me and I lacked confidence. Now I feel listened to, and I am able to tell my carers what I need which has increased my confidence. My carers are amazing and always punctual and thorough which lets me have a bit of control around what is happening. My conditions mean that I am unable to read much and Professional Care Supports always take the time to read everything to me so I can make informed decisions about my care”. (HS)

“Wow! Professional Care supports are amazing. I have nothing but great things to say about this service and their delivery. Finally being treated as a human being rather than just a number getting the best value out of my NDIS plan was a priority for me. They listened to my needs and goals and matched them with appropriate service providers to support me. I’m grateful I found PCS, my goals are not just a dream any longer they have become a reality because of the humility care and support I have found with them (BE)”

“Hi Catherine, I just wanted to pass on a message from the participant, he just noted that you have done an amazing job, that you came highly recommended and have lived up to that reputation and they are very grateful for the smooth process in these difficult times. From my perspective in an intake role you have been a pleasure to work with, swift to reply and structured which makes organising emergency respite much easier! Thank you for all your assistance.”

“I am my son’s carer and it gives me great pleasure to write an endorsement for Catherine and Machele’s’ business venture, Professional Care Supports. My son was diagnosed with an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) eight years ago whilst he was a business executive, overseas. His illness has affected his concentration, executive functioning and working memory. These neuronal damages led to cognitive impairment. We were faced with a most difficult situation, we needed and required professional support and along came Catherine, (like a Knight in shining armour).It has been through her caring, friendship and thoughtfulness that has seen us navigate strenuous situations. At the moment, my son is attempting to complete a business course at TAFE, endeavouring to assist his motor skills which hopefully may lead to part-time employment. This is one huge step for him, one of which gives him satisfaction. It is people, such as Catherine who are willing to help people less fortunate in our society and to show them that there is a life out there” and to allow them to enjoy each day shown respect which they so richly deserve. I would love nothing more than for others to witness first hand Catherine’s caring nature and her ability in supporting people with disabilities. I wish Catherine and Michelle, good luck and a successful partnership for the future .Kindest regards, (V Mc).”

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