Services We Provide

Community Access and Participation

Building rapport – matching staff to participants – collaborating with participants to achieve their goals – development of skills – increase independence where possible.
Progress is mapped in order to inform the next plan review. Activities
are aligned with plan goals and linked to building capacity for participants to engage with others in the community. This can take the form of mainstream or supported activities and is tailored to each individual promoting inclusion in community participation and employment.
This can include but is not limited to:
Visiting family and friends
Going to the gym
Meeting up with friends at a café
Watching sporting events
Going shop

NDIS Central Coast

Our Support Coordinators recognise the value of informal and formal supports.
Our purpose is to assist you holistically to reach your goals while respecting the input from carers and loved ones.
We assist participants to make the most of their plans and link them to the appropriate service providers and connections that may be required.

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Supports of Daily Living

Assisting participants to attend to their daily hygiene and other domestic needs while building skill sets. This can be in the form of prompting and teaching skills to build capacity with laundry and kitchen tasks, cooking, shopping, budgeting.
Supporting participants to comply with medication regimen and other
therapies. Skill development can be measured even with minimal, incremental progress.
This can include but is not limited to:
Personal hygiene and grooming

Meal preparation
Cooking and
Help with eating

Supporting participants to attend appointments and therapies

Supporting participants to attend appointments and therapies –
Professional Care Supports can assist with the transportation of participants to appointments,
Participants having high care needs can be provided with assistance and also assisted in the community.

NDIS Central Coast
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Development-Life Skills

With the Development-Life Skills programs, we
encourage participants to develop individual life skills to help them gain independence, knowledge and
confidence. This includes life skills, behavioural life skills development; daily living support services and more. We provide travel training. Further development of skills in the community and social and recreational participation. We can assist you to gain skills in communication.

Innovative Community Participation

Involvement in community is a key component of a person’s wellbeing. It allows for people to make meaningful relationships and improves their continued growth. It affects all aspects of life, including employment; education; health and satisfaction. Professional Care Supports can work with you to engage with possible employers and provide additional supports within the workplace and link you to associated Disability Employment Agencies. Support participants to
access volunteer opportunities and transition into the workplace safely.

NDIS Central Coast
NDIS Central Coast

Individualised Activities

Assist participants to join in with outdoor activities such as the beach; zoos; movies; theatre and outdoor activities like bushwalking; BBQ’s etc. Linking into mainstream groups and activities for inclusive opportunities transition into the workplace safely.