About Us

Professional Care Supports is a small company

Working with individuals, not numbers. Giving employees opportunities to excel and recognising their value. Assuring participants that their needs are not overlooked and that the fundamental desire is to provide care and support to all equally.

NDIS Central Coast
NDIS Central Coast

We go the extra mile to make sure no one falls through the cracks!

The statistics are high for those who may be entitled to a package of care but for many reasons have not applied.
The same could be said of people who have an NDIS plan and do not know how to best use it.
Some become frightened of misusing their plan and elect not to explore the benefits.
If you have Coordination of Supports in your plan, we can help.

Hands on management team

A proactive team that tries to promote harmony in the workplace by matching strengths of staff to the needs of participants. Closely monitoring the needs of staff in the weekly roster and motivating staff by continually encouraging and collaborating together to promote a problem free environment.

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NDIS Central Coast

Our Purpose!

Professional Care Supports provide supports to people living with a disability, since our inception, we’ve been empowering our participants by putting individual preferences and support needs at the centre of our approach. We believe in providing affordable and accessible services that meet local and individual requirements. Our staff take the time to get to know you, identifying the best ways to support you. We never compromise on quality. We deliver the services you want, when and how you want them. Professional Care Supports is a registered service provider for NDIS